Educating the next generation &
Maintaining areas harmonious with the natural environment
01.Dry-Wet Stone

Stone Walling.

A key to good wet stone work is an even spread of mortar between the stones. A good piece of wall combines the factors of constructional strength with neatness of finish. Craftsmanship involves the marriage of these two factors to produce an end result that is both neat and strong.

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02.Ponds &
Drainage Plans

Ponds & Drainage Plans.

There are about 2 million garden ponds in Britain. Yet they’re a bit of a wildlife mystery. Of course, everyone knows that ‘ponds are good for wildlife’. Nevertheless what many people don't know is ; how to create and maintain a top notch pond...


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Garden design.

Unlike some garden designers I am happy to also install the gardens which I have designed. In addition, if you already have a garden design obtained elsewhere, I can undertake the installation whilst liaising with your designer.


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Planting Layout

Whether you're looking to revamp your garden, starting from absolute scratch or just after a new-look border, planting plans are all about combining the colour, texture and shape of your favourite plants, alongside the structure of hedges, shrubs or trees and lawn layouts.....

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We can help your wishes turn to a stylish project!
Landscaping for Education, Commercial and Residential
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We are a family-run landscaping, education provider, garden design and stone walling business which is 100% committed to customer satisfaction.


Our services encompass all those detailed in this website including general grounds maintenance, landscape design, landscape demolition / construction and, tree work, the construction of dry and mortared stone walls.


We offer services to residential and commercial properties as well as colleges, secondary schools and care homes which includes provision of lessons and workshops which employ both classroom and outdoor-based learning to cover relevant areas of the national curriculum.


We are sensitive to the special requirements when working in educational environments and care, you can be assured that all employees have undertaken and achieved CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) clearance and that all our work is thoroughly risk assessed so as to protect both children and adults.


We are based in the small rural town of Accrington which owes many of it's surroundings to Dry Stone Walling and the beauty of the Pennines. We provide a bespoke garden design and landscaping service throughout the North West. We have created beautiful gardens throughout Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cheshire, Cumbria, Southern Scotland and North Wales.


We specialise in both traditional and contemporary garden design including - Natural Stone, Welsh & Lakeland slate, Rock and Water Gardens, Courtyard Gardens, English Formal Gardens as well as traditional Asian gardens.


Working closely with our clients we take into consideration their practical needs and own design ideas, the end product being gardens that are always distinctive, original and created from thoughtful design


Cottage gardens

Appeal to the romantic in all of us. Their generous variety of plants growing together in a relatively small space speaks of bounty and life -- not to mention making for a perfectly manageable backyard garden project -- and the overall look reminds us of a simpler, gentler time.

Wall rock gardens

let you play with garden ideas in spots you may have never imagined -- mortared walls, stone steps, loosely laid drystone, brick walls and more. Wall rock garden ideas result in lovely contrasts between color and texture, and the stones, bricks, and rocks often protect the plants roots from the sun.

Stone walls and steps

are natural rock-garden sites and make great wall rock garden ideas, since many plants grow on rocky outcroppings in their native habitats. The stones regulate temperature by keeping the direct sun off roots and by retaining warmth even after the sun goes down, which the foliage appreciates.

Vertically-inclined wall

rock garden love mortared walls. Mortared walls often allow space for plants to take root at the top and base of the wall, and half-planters may be filled with trailing plants and hung at intervals to cover the surface.

Lancashire Landscaping Ltd. are a fully insured North West based landscaping company who provide professional gardening, expert landscaping, and reliable maintenance services by fully qualified teachers.


We design and construct walkways to complement the style of your commercial or residential exterior. Slate tiles and indian stone walkways suit a modern or contemporary home exterior, while cobblestone, flagstone and brick pavers fit traditional and country style homes.


Dry stone walls are key features in areas throughout the Pennines & the British Isles, many being thousands of years old. Dry stone walls are important for farming because they contain livestock, shelter crops, and outlast other types of field boundary many times over.

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